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Modern and Luxury Office Seating Furniture Design, Parcs Sofa by Bene

Modern and Luxury Office Furniture Interior Design, Sofa Parcs by Bene - Parcs Wing Series Modern

Modern, stylish, soft and luxury seating furniture design, Parcs sofas, for office interior design and furnishing. Designed by Pearson Lloyd for Bene, the modern and stylish Parcs office... 

Modern Cabinet System Design for Office Storage Furniture by Bene

Modern Office Storage Furniture Design, Stauraumkobination Cabinet System by Bene

Modern, stylish, functional and sophisticated cabinet storage system for office furniture interior design. Designed by Christian Horner, a professional Bene’s cabinet system designer,... 

White Mamba, Wellness Chaise Lounge Design by Carmenta, Italy

White Mamba Chaise Lounge as Spa Wellness Furniture by Carmenta, Italy

Launched in 2012 by Carmenta, the White Mamba chaise lounge is elegant and contemporary spa wellness furniture that designed by designer Giovanni Damiani and Arc. Andrea Vigano from... 

Charlotte Moss LLC, New York City Interior Designer and Decorator

Wall Interior Decoration by Charlotte Moss, New York City

Open her business in 1985, Charlotte Moss is an interior decorator, author, and designer of fabrics, furniture, china, linens, framed art and home accessories.

Woodlands, New Colour Range from Supernatural Collection Series by Caesarstone

Dining Room Table Design with Woodlands Colour by Caesarstone

Unveiled for the first time at KBB 2014 London, Woodlands is a stunning new colour from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Collection Series, which is inspired by nature after Caesarstone...