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Decoflex-3D, Decorative Thermoplastic Surfaces by Decolan

Decorative Interior Design with Mojave Paintable Decoflex-3D by Decolan

Decoflex-3D, Decorative Thermoplastic Surfaces for Commercial and Residential Interior by Decolan. Manufactured by Decolan in Greensboro, North Carolina, Decoflex-3D are decorative... 

DGoods, Modern Home Decor and Furniture, California

Mirage Hardwood Table Design by DGoods, California

Founded in 2012 by Kim Hayden Holt and Reto Eberle, DGoods is a lifestyle product company creating bold sophisticated designs with a relevant modern aesthetic. Each DGoods design collection... 

Lorna Syson, British Design and Made Home Decoration, UK

Bespoke Textile Solutions by Lorna Syson at 100 Percent Design London, UK

Lorna Syson, British Design and Made Home Decoration Founded in 2009, award-winning designer Lorna Syson creates high-end textile solutions for home interiors and commercial spaces.... 

Emma Britton, Decorative Glass Designer, UK

Bathtime Florals Design by Emma Britton at 100 Percent Design London

Emma Britton, Decorative Glass Designer, UK Founded in 2010 with an Enterprise Grant after working in the glass industry and completing a degree in Printed Textile Design from Loughborough... 

Lamberti Decor, Italian Stainless Steel Furniture Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Furniture Design by Lamberti Decor at ICFF, New York

Lamberti Decor is an Italian manufacturer of stainless steel furniture with a focus on precision craftsmanship and stimulating design.