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Kimono Lamps, Bespoke Lampshades Handmade in Ireland

Kimono Lamps by Anna Juraszek in Google Office London

Kimono Lamps are bespoke lampshades handmade in Ireland with Japanese kimonos.

Luxury Lampshades and Ceiling Pendants for Commercial Interior Lighting by Albioncourt

Luxury Lampshades and Ceiling Pendants For Commercial Interior Design by Albioncourt - Restaurant

Luxury, artistic and beautiful lampshades and ceiling pendants for your commercial lighting and interior design. Designed by Albioncourt, a specialist manufacturers of lampshades and... 

Beautiful and Artistic Lampshades Design for Home Interior Lighting by Whitehorn

Beautiful and Artistic Modern Home Interior Decoration and Accessories Lighting, Lampshade by Whitehorn

Beautiful, fresh and artistic lampshade design for home interior lighting decoration and accessories. Designed by Janey Whitehorn, a designer and founder Whitehorn, a boutique brand... 

Contemporary Home Interior Lighting Accessories, Handprinted Lampshades by Jen Rowland

Cool, Creative and Unique Gift of Handprinted Lampshades Design Products By Jen Rowland Acacia 2

Contemporary, cool and creative home interior lighting design of handprinted lampshades for your home interior decoration. Designed by Jen Rowland, cool, creative and unique gift of... 

Unit 24 Lampshade, Decorative Interior Lighting by Scott, Rich & Victoria

Unit 24 Lampshade, Decorative Interior Lighting by Scott, Rich & Victoria

A folded, creased and rolled lampshade, UNIT24 engages light and shadow to enhance the visual depth of the shade. Designed by Scott, Rich & Victoria, UNIT24 derives from traditional...