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OCHRE, London UK Furniture, Lighting and Accessories for The Interior

Artic Pear Table Lamp Design by OCHRE, UK

OCHRE designs furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior. Their designs place equal importance on harmonious proportions, luxurious materials and matchless craftsmanship. ... 

MacMaster Design, Contemporary Lighting and Furniture Products, UK

Bloom Pendant Light Design by MacMaster, UK

Launched in 2009, MacMAster is run by award-winning designers, Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall who share a passion for exemplary design and an appreciation of the many time-constraints... 

KaiGami, Lighting and Homeware Designer, UK

Nautica Birch Ply Light Shade Design by Kaigami, UK

Established in 2009, Kaigami designs, develops and manufactures lighting and other home ware items.

Orsjo Belysnig, Timeless Lighting Fixtures, Sweden

Allamanna Galleriet Restaurant Interior Design with Orsjo Lighting

Founded in 1945, Orsjo Industri AB is founded by Simon Jonsson, Sture Jonsson and Edvin ThorĂ©n. In the start the company produces red paint for houses and small metal parts for the... 

David Trubridge, Contemporary Lighting and Furniture, New Zealand

David Trubridge Lighting Products at Dwell on Design 2013

Established in 1995, David Trubridge is known internationally for design & manufacture of contemporary lighting, furniture & larger installations, & for environmental concerns. ...