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Flynn Talbot Studio, Lighting Designer, Australia

Horizon Lighting Design by Flynn Talbot Studio, Australia

Established in 2010, Flynn Talbot is lighting designer who living and working between Perth, Austalia and Berlin, Germany.

Ash Allen, Furniture and Lighting Design Studio, Melbourne

Dollop Pendant Mood Light Design by Ash Allen

Ash Furniture is the award-winning furniture and lighting studio of Ash Allen (B. Eng. / B.A.), established in 2012. Ash enjoys showing singular concepts and exploring uncertain outcomes... 

Sooncho Textiles, Lighting Design and Installation, Canada

Sooncho Textiles Lighting Products at Design Art Fair Seoul 2013

Sooncho Textiles, Lighting Design & Installation Founded in 2013 by Soon Cho, a textile based lighting designer from Toronto, Canada, who is fascinated with the idea of fantasy,... 

Gabriel Scott, Furniture and Lighting Design Studio, Canada

Blackened Gold Design Collection by Gabriel Scott, Canada

Established in 2012, Gabriel Scott is Canadian based furniture and lighting design studio.

Acrilight, Lighting System for Home Furniture, Italy

Hornet, Fluorescent Illumination Electronic System by Acrilight, Italy

Born in 2006, Acrilight inheriting experience and knowledge of its owner, who has led it being a reliable company in designing and marketing of lighting solutions.