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Charlotte Moss LLC, New York City Interior Designer and Decorator

Wall Interior Decoration by Charlotte Moss, New York City

Open her business in 1985, Charlotte Moss is an interior decorator, author, and designer of fabrics, furniture, china, linens, framed art and home accessories.

Calico Corners, The Retail Source for Decorative Fabrics

Master Bedroom Design with Fresh Blue and White Fabrics by Calico Corners

Founded 1948, Calico has made homes across America more beautiful for over 65 years. Calico is America’s premier destination for decorative and designer fabrics, custom window... 

Phase Design, California based Furniture Designer

Living Room Interior with Phase Design Home Furnishings Products, Los Angeles

Established in 2000, Phase Design was founded in Los Angeles by award winning self-taught designer Reza Feiz. Working within his philosophy of “strength in simplicity,”... 

Erinn V Design Group, Los Angeles, California

Addante Chaise Design by Erinn V Maison, Los Angeles

Founded in 2010, Erinn V Design Group is a full service interior design firm offering clients a unique eye and sensible-chic signature style. Erinn’s bold flair for color and... 

Abstracta, The Workspace Furniture Designer, Sweden

Airwave Module System Design by Abstracta, Sweden

Abstracta is Sweden based furniture manufacturer that creates products for great spaces. Whether it is work or home, the design thinking behind its collection will boost creativity...