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Legrabox, Minimalist Box System Design by Blum UK

Sleek Box Design System, Legrabox by Blum UK

Simple, slim and minimalist design of box system by Blum UK.

Office Interior Design Ideas with Sliding Doors by Komandor

Office Interior Design Ideas Sliding Doors Komandor

Before deciding on a sliding doors system for your office interior design from the many available on today’s market, it is worth becoming familiar with sliding doors from different... 

Contemporary Seating with Innovative Design, Shai Bench by HStudio

Contemporary Seating with Innovative Design, Shai Bench by HStudio Acrylic Legs

Contemporary, dramatic and innovative Shai Bench design for home interior furnishings. Designed by Shlomi Haziza and manufacture by H Studio a Los Angeles, California based company. ... 

Chic Restaurant Hospitality Interior Design of Bistro AIX, Jacksonville

Restaurant Hospitality Interior Lighting of Bistro Aix, Jacksonville

Chic, stylish and upscale fine dining restaurant hospitality interior design of Bistro AIX, Jacksonville. Located in 1440 San Marco Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida, Bistro AIX is a... 

Minimalist and Classy Home Office Interior Design Ideas by In House Interior

Minimalist and Classy Home Office Furnishings by In House Interior - Classy Style

Minimalist, intelligent and classy office installation for home office interior design and decorating ideas. Designed by In House Interior, an intelligent and classy design for an office...